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Roux Capital Group provides the most responsible and professional financial advisory service to investors and investees, aiming to meet their financial targets.

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Private Equity

Roux Capital engages private equity opportunities with a highly disciplined investment approach. Our target companies are generally cash-flow generating with sustainable and scalable business models that require strategic inputs to expand (offshore, upstream, downstream, or for acquisitions). Roux Capital’s ability to leverage our stakeholder network, combined with a proactive portfolio management approach brings valuable insight, sector experience and operating resources to help companies grow. With a partnership philosophy to collaborate hand-in-hand with founders, existing management team and shareholders, Roux Capital aims to deliver improvements not only in operational aspects but also in corporate governance and best practices, as well as supporting sustainable investment strategies that also generate targeted returns.

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Venture Capital

Roux Capital Ventures is focused on early-stage venture capital opportunities, especially for start-up companies. With in-house processes to identify, evaluate and due diligence opportunities, Roux Capital intends to build a diversified pipeline of early-stage related investments in manufacture, wellness, finance, logistic, medical and other areas where we can leverage our strategic network.

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Asset Management

Roux Capital Asset Management (“RCAM”) is focused on providing advisory asset management services to professional investors by leveraging investment arrangements with leading custodians for financial assets in the US. We believe that core investment portfolios should be managed professionally with appropriately tailored advice and quality financial products. RCAM collaborates with leading institutions to provide our shareholders and clients with access to seasoned asset managers, aiming to construct and maintain their core and tactical portfolios in a customized solution. We work closely with expert firms from different sectors to deliver a full range of services to assist with investment decisions and the accompanying private considerations.


Roux Capital Managed Funds (RCMF):



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